Thursday, 27 September 2007

Radio 1

Radio 1 started life, with radio Caroline the first pirate radio station with, Tony Blackburn as the DJ of the breakfast show, starting a new era of radio shows, which were all about new music.

The producers of the shows are there to support the presenter of the show and to help select music played, they also organise the interviews and they meet with record companies people like piers who help run jo whileys show. I think it would be a fun job to be a producer because you get to pick the music and you can put a little bit of your own taste into the show

The dj’s of the show like, Chris moyles, Colin Murray, Edith bowman, Sara Cox, Vernon Kay and many more, they are there to keep the show coming, the front man of the show, they are the reason you tune in to listen, because if you don’t like the DJ chances are your not going to stay tuned in just to listen to the music, I don’t think I would like to have this job because I don’t have enough confidence in my own abilities

The play lists are split into three categories, the A getting over 20 plays a week, B which get 10 to 15 plays a week and the C getting about 5 or 6 plays a week, these are decided at board meetings where all the information from the people who have come in to plug the singles, are put together and each track is gone over until a decision is made about which songs should go on each play list, each play list is published weekly and the producers, then pick the songs to play on each radio show.

The reporters are the people who go out on the streets and find out what new people want to hear they then have meetings and decide what they are going to broadcast, the actual news reporters go live on air and read the news that matters to the people.

The radio station does a lot of promotional activities such as going around the country promoting and doing radio shows, from Ibiza to Islington, all in the name of entertainment!!!

Thursday, 20 September 2007

This Week

Well i'm supposed to right about somthing good thats happened this week, so I guess i'll have to choose the fact my bursery came in and I can finally stop scrounging off my parentals!

also I guess ive learned alot of new things this week which I always good!


Thursday, 13 September 2007

My favourite Music

Well ok My favourite album of the moment (please dear god do'nt laugh!!) has to be Kate Nash madeof bricks ok weird choice for me seen as its usually megadeth, lacuna coil, lamb of god etc.
but there is a valid reason for this change of music genre!!

its a damn good album (whatever you're led to belive) maybe not for some of the actuall songs but the lyrics if you actually listen to them are really good, bit of a guilty pleasure I guess

keep it a secret lol <-----visit it!

Thursday, 6 September 2007

First Post

Im a 16 year old computer geek, who goes to college and does computing well duh! When im not in class, im with my friends (usually in the pub) theyre awesome and keep me alive, I live in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of crazy animals that drive me up the wall, including a llama aye I rock! but thats about it, aye i ken a boring girl, but meh Im me I love it

well I guess thats about it for now but as this is what I have to do in my lesson i'll be back soon enough

c ya

Keep the rocking penguin alive baby!