Thursday, 29 November 2007

The wonders of social networking

thanks to the amazing invention of social networking people I didn't think would ever see my personal pages of myspace and bebo apperently found my myspace somehow

lesson for today: to avoid embaresment be careful what you put on these pages!!!

It's been a while

Since my last blog about me, mainly because ive not had time and things have been changing so fast, Ive moved out of my house and now have a place in a town, which is banter I guess. still lacking in a job! oh what a shame.
but apart from that things are going well Im starting to understand college more, and im hoping the assesments I have are going well.

I also had a great weekend which basically involved lots and lots of Guitar hero! which I sat and played whilest waiting for darren to get back from work, it certinaly is a good game and deffinitly passes the time!

but the weekend was good I spent it up in fraserbourgh at darrens which was ace, basically doing the same thing this weekend as well! hes gonna be sick of me soon enough!

Interview With Jane Austin

Walking in looking the picture of perfection, would be today’s interviewee miss Jane Austin at first glance I would say all the rumours are true she really is a beautiful smart young lady and I can’t wait to delve further into her life

A: Hello Jane, Its ok if I call you Jane??

J: Yes of course!

A: Well it’s a pleasure to meet you how’s the new book going

J: well it’s a love story about a poor girl who goes through all the torment of falling in love with a rich guy.

A: I look forward to reading it!

J:I’ll send you a copy!

A: that would be fantastic!

A: so another book about love how’s your mission to find love going?

J: there is someone but I don’t want to talk about it just yet

A oooo must be serious then can we not have an exclusive

J: all Ill say is he’s a man of the church

A: what a lucky guy whoever he is

J: no im the lucky one

A: well I think that’s all I have time for thank you very much for answering my questions

J: that’s quite alright it was my pleasure.

Thursday, 8 November 2007

shambala page 4

You walk through the room, wondering about whats just happened when you see a map on the ground telling you the way, you pick it up and it is the map you've been looking for the way to shangrala

Follow the map

get directions off of dutch tourists

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Holiday Revelations

My one week holiday consisted of no sleep and non-stop parties at my friends houses, and well that’s it really, I’ve been everywhere from buckie to Peterhead and Aberdeen to Inverness, I spent way too much money on travel and made some amazing new friends especially people that I never thought I would get to like or become friends with, I also found myself Jobless so I spent a frantic week job hunting (no luck still no job!!) and now I have to start flat hunting, I’ve had a well stressful week not as relaxing as I’d of hoped and (to be honest) I’m kind of glad its over, college takes my mind of everything, and gives me a structure and purpose keeps me on the straight and narrow so to speak, a week off really showed me what a failure I’d be if I was just a bum ha-ha, so I’ve turned over a new leaf and I’m starting a fresh, I’m going To put everything I’ve got into college, and finding a job, then eventually getting my own place. Basically a new better me XD.