Sunday, 27 January 2008

An Amazing band

im going to tell you about my favourite artist bif naked,

bif naked is the alias beth torbert uses they have had 5 albums and 2 poetry and also a greatest hits album albums since there start in 1994 they include

4 songs and a poem

I bifficus

Bif naked



another 5 songs and a poem

esentially naked

my favourite songs have to be stolen sidewalk and daddys getting married (the video for this is underneath)

she writes indie type music that all has a greater meaning and fantastic lyrics shes deffinetly my favourite artist.

this week...

this week at college has been really busy with plenty of assesments, and reports to do but to my releif ive got everything I was meant to have done by now done, and passed everything first time which I was really pleased with.

outside of college ive not being doing much at all, just staying at home watching films really, but its my birthday this week so hopefully I should get some nice things :)

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Long time no post!

Ive not posted for about a month mainly due to assesments and the amount of them! its crazy I didnt know it would be this much work to be honest! but now im nearing the end of block one and I dont have that much to do just a few more assesments and that will be me passed everything :) which Im really looking forward to!

but apart from college my life is really very dull at the moment! christmas was good I suppose, and with my sister due to pop any day now, the whole familys tense!

but anyway must go work to do