Thursday, 6 December 2007

Christmas! Christmas! Christmas!!

is only 19 days away!!!!!!!! and im so over excited its slightly worrying!!

I would love to start a rant on the true meaning of christmas and how its all become to far removed from the religious side of it(me being christian and all) but I alreday have too many of my friends now calling it commercial holiday instead of christmas hehehe!

this week, I have finished a few assesments and done a suprising amount of work (well for me anyway!!)

I also ended up moving (again!!) I never realised quite how much I hate getting the bus in the morning!

oh well its alot better where I am now and i'm all happy now!!


Darren679 said...

Christmas is just an excuse for presents though =p

Amber434 said...

indeed that is what it has become, but if you look back at history at the real reason you get the presents, and why it all started is the reason I think it should be de comercialised (is that even a word!!)